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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Back in civilization (albeit briefly)

After 17 days of paddling, we've made it to Minneapolis. We've completed nearly a quarter of our journey, and so far everything is going well. Everyone is healthy (except for the occasional bump (or chiggers, in Molly's case), sunburn, and sore shoulder), we all still like each other (for now), and canoeing is still exciting. Let's hope it stays that way!

Yesterday was a big day. We completed our last portage, went through our first lock and dam without any issues, and paddled into the Twin Cities. Urban canoeing was quite strange - I'm not used to paddling under high way bridges, yielding to barges, and coping with the smell of pollution. However, after a shower, real food, and some ice cream, peace was restored. Today we've restocked our food supply, picked up a few pieces of gear, and washed our grungy clothes.

Tomorrow we paddle on towards Red Wing, where we might take a day off to climb. More adventures are in our future!

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