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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Eating pizza in Montissippi County Park

We just finished an incredible pinneaple pizza at Montissippi County Park. The dominos delivery guy wasn't too excited about delivering to a watercraft only campsite, but we met him at the boat landing. He said if we were in our boats he cant deliver to us, he insisted we had to be on land. Who knew dominos doesn't deliver to boats?

Today we actually ran several sections of class 1-2 whitewater and managed not to flip either canoe woot woot. Molly confirmed that she does in fact have chiggers on her legs and the rest of the crew has some funky red bumps on their feet and hands. The ticks seemed to have mostly disappeared though so all is good.

Yesterday when portaging around a dam in Little Falls we met a great man that we call the can man. He goes around the town collecting cans and raising money for the church. When we canoed up to the portage he jumped out of his golf cart and ran towards us and said he could help us portage our stuff in his golf cart and trailer, what a guy. And it doesn't stop there. As the can man was helping us unload our stuff from his golf cart, a very nice old women came out and offered us hot coffee and homemade cookies, what a town.

Tomorrow we'll be paddling to Coon Rapids Dam and doing our last portage of the trip! Friday and Saturday we'll be in the twin cities taking a break and seeing family and friends. Entering civilization will be tough but after 2 weeks we all could use a shower I suppose, and probably a break from sunburns. 

Also, Steve Downing at KAXE radio station interviewed us when we were in Grand Rapids a few days ago. If you're interested in hearing the interview it's available on their website!

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