The Bowdoin Outing Club encourages students to dream, organize and lead outdoor trips. This fellowship offers the financial support to shape the most creative and adventurous outdoor visions into real opportunities. The expedition should foster a spirit of adventure and encourage personal challenges and skill development and in the end, contribute to the growth of the Bowdoin Outing Club.


Friday, June 21, 2013

A summer solstice on the river

Happy midsummer everyone! I hope you're all enjoying the longest day of the year! We sure are. After a fantastic weekend in Minneapolis (Thanks Hannah!) we paddled onward towards Red Wing. Once there, we took a day off and rock climbed at Barn Bluff. So fun! After three weeks in a canoe it felt good to get a change of pace (although our muscles definitely ached afterwards...). That night we enjoyed a lovely dinner in the park with friends (Thanks for visiting us Phil, Liz, and Luke!). While the meat, boca burgers, and corn was tasty, nothing could be better than the mint brownies (Thanks Terry!). Such a great day!

On Wednesday we set off again, and despite headwinds we managed to canoe across Lake Pepin (the longest lake on the Mississippi) in one day. The current is slow in this section, but beautiful bluffs, sand beaches, and cute towns line the river, so life ain't too bad! Last night we encountered our first legitimate storm, but thankfully it passed without causing any damage. Today we passed through our 8th lock and dam and resupplied in Winona. As I'm writing this, I'm sitting on a beach overlooking the river - it's pretty neat!

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