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Monday, August 5, 2013

We made it!

After 68 days on the river, our journey has now come to an end. It feels quite weird to no longer be paddling, to no longer be outside 24/7, and to no longer be attached to our dear canoe, The Cindy Lou.
There is much debate as to where the Mississippi River ends. Some consider it to be in New Orleans (mile maker 95), some believe its in Venice (mile marker 11), some mile marker 0, while the most dedicated paddle all the way to the Gulf of Mexico (10 miles south of mile marker 0). Due to some logistical issues, we decided to end our trip in Venice, the last town on the Mississippi accessible by road.
Paddling into the marina yesterday was rather emotional - I think we all felt a mix of happiness, relief, exhaustion, and sadness. One of our mottos this summer has been "the river will provide," and this held true to the very end. We were treated like royalty at the Associated Branch Pilots station in town - thank you so much for the ride back to NOLA, the shower, and the amazing food!
We're spending Monday and Tuesday relaxing in New Orleans, before heading out on Wednesday morning. While we may be done paddling, the adventure continues!

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