The Bowdoin Outing Club encourages students to dream, organize and lead outdoor trips. This fellowship offers the financial support to shape the most creative and adventurous outdoor visions into real opportunities. The expedition should foster a spirit of adventure and encourage personal challenges and skill development and in the end, contribute to the growth of the Bowdoin Outing Club.


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Colorado Rocky Mountain High

We had a fantastic trip in Colorado last week and in Outing Club fashion, we decided to do Highs, Lows, and Angels and share them with you!

Sunday, August 12th
Highs: Seeing a Pine Marten, Peanut Noodle Soup.
Lows: Lack of sleep due to delayed flights and lost baggage, adjusting to high altitude.
Angels: Peca (the dog) for being excited about chipmunks and birds.

Monday, August 13th
Highs: The curious bird at breakfast time, climbing Mount Massive in rain, sleet, and snow.
Lows: Descending Mount Massive in cold, rainy conditions.
Angels: Danica’s parent’s for making a charcoal “campfire” to help us warm up.

Tuesday, August 14th
Highs: Slackpacking Mount Elbert, sitting at the top of Mount Elbert (the tallest mountain in Colorado and second tallest mountain in the contiguous United States).
Lows: Doxycycline causing nausea and sunburn, multiple false summits.
Angels: The hiker who told us we were impressive because we were doing the same route at the Leadville 100 running race.

Wednesday, August 15th
Highs: The llamas.
Lows: We didn’t get to use the llamas to carry our stuff.
Angels: The inspirational trail runners participating in the TransRockies race and the forest service dude.

Thursday, August 16th
Highs: Elkhead Pass and the view of the collegiate range.
Lows: Fatigued muscles.
Angels: The woman who told us the climb would be worth it, which encouraged us to push on. And the pikas.

Friday, August 17th
Highs: Orienteering our way to Rainbow Lake, hiking with only our “brains.”
Lows: Sore knees.
Angels: Each other for helping carry out an awesome trip!
 Happy hiking everyone!

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