The Bowdoin Outing Club encourages students to dream, organize and lead outdoor trips. This fellowship offers the financial support to shape the most creative and adventurous outdoor visions into real opportunities. The expedition should foster a spirit of adventure and encourage personal challenges and skill development and in the end, contribute to the growth of the Bowdoin Outing Club.


Thursday, March 29, 2012

Enjoy the following poems detailing our adventures out west! 
There's one poem for each day of the trip
March 17th St. Patty’s Day
Boulder to Loma put-in

We’ve packed up quite the load,
And we’re driving on a winding road,
Passing by pretty places,
And awesome rock faces.
Beside the road the river flows,
We stop stretch, Kum and Go.
The mountains are quite the inspiration,
But it takes 4 hours to get to our destination.
After lunch Miguel, Alex and Adam go to get more gear
We wait in a desolate lot where the sandy wind is severe. 
We read, talk, and make silly videos,
When you’re in the middle of nowhere that’s just how it goes.

March 18th
Loma put-in to random campsite on river

We set off on our journey under a shining sun,
Just relaxing, paddling and having fun.
The canyon walls are layered with crumbling red rocks,
Miguel and I float and have philosophical talks.
We see some cows along the way;
They’re far from their home fields of hay.
It’s suns out guns out and time for lunch;
We sit along side the river and start to munch.
Suddenly the sky turns grey,
Looks like we won’t escape the rain today.
The wind picks up, starts to blow.
Despite our best efforts, up the river we go.
Everyone frantically puts on a raincoat or drytop.
Then the weather turns really bad, we’re gonna have to stop.
Ethan jumps out of the raft to check out a campsite,
But the water’s deep, he goes under and gives us quite the fright.
We manage to drag the raft onto shore;
No one wants to paddle anymore.
As we struggle, a train goes by,
It blows its horn and we wave hi.
We quickly set up shelter; we’re all freezing and cold;
My hands have lost feeling; it’s hard to grip or hold.
We get warm and eat candy bars as a snack;
It’s not too long before the sun is back.
It feels good to have warm socks;
We explore and climb on the sandy rocks.
A rock breaks off in Zac’s face;
This is truly a gorgeous place.
We get back to camp and Miguel addresses the group,
This is what to do if you need to poop.
As we cook dinner it starts to hail and snow;
The weather today has given us quite the show.

March 19th
Random campground to Mee Canyon

We woke up this morning with snow on the ground,
Covering our tarps and paddling gear in mounds.
Ethan finds tracks from a strange animal;
Breakfast is bacon and eggs until everyone is full.
The weather looks good as we start to paddle along;
It’s a bit windy, but when the sun’s out nothing can go wrong.
We hit some tiny whitewater and surf a wave;
Up on the cliffside are some more sweet caves.
When we reach the campsite it starts to snow,
But that’s just the way the weather blows.
We pack our gear and set off among the spiky flowers;
All excited to climb the distant towers.

Miguel starts setting up a route while we explore,
Climbing around on boulders and down to the valley floor.
Alex finds a cool rock- we think it’s red quartz;
Adam and Zac find a cool crack- we name it Schwartz.
The weird weather won’t relent,
But Zac makes a daring first ascent.
Once we get goin, the fun don’t stop.
Even I am able to make it to the top.
We take funny videos and pics,
Everyone gets their climbing fix.
As we hike back to camp everyone’s in a great mood;
Now it’s time to set up tarps and make food.

March 20th
Climbing at Mee Canyon

We had a cold and snowy night,
But today the weather is just right.
When the sun comes over the canyon wall,
It brings great happiness to us all.
Adam, Zac, and Miguel head off to the red rocks,
While back at camp we groove and pull on sandy socks.
Ethan, Alex, Aviva and I- the four companions,
Hike off to explore the canyons.
Around us painted walls rise to majestic heights,
And every turn brings new delights.
We climb boulders and find cute geckos;
The canyon walls around us make awesome echoes.

Meanwhile on the tower Miguel went up and liebacked with ease,
But the rock fought back and cramped his steeze.
As Miguel lowered down, the rope got stuck,
But Zac started up and had some more luck.
Then Zac ran out of gear,
And this caused some fear,
So he came down and Miguel jugged the line;
He prayed to the divine.
Then they decided to bail
Off some gear that was frail.
They didn’t ascend their route, so their spirits were a bit downed,
But don’t worry mom, we were all safe and sound. 

After lunch Miguel climbs up the sand box;
As he ascends it rains down rocks.
The only one who doesn’t make it to the top is Zac Fox;
It’s because his feet hurt and he wanted to take off his socks.
After the climb, it’s time for mac and cheese;
Our hungry stomachs are easy to please.

March 21st
Mee Canyon to Westwater Ranger Station

This morning some of us are feeling slow,
It takes a while to get ready to go.
Aviva and I acquire mustaches.
We are now guys- no more hot flashes.
As we set off, the sun is bright;
More red rock caves and towers are in sight.
We cruise through some rapids; it’s a fun ride,
Beautiful black rocks rising on either side.
We stop at Macdonald Canyon for lunch;
With the weather so nice, we’re a happy bunch.
After food we go look for the petroglyphs;
We find two painted on the rosy cliffs.
The sandy path is lined with crash pads;
A landing on one of those would make anyone sad.

After the hike we all get back in our boats.
It’s time to continue our float.
All afternoon is sunny and relaxed;
No one is physically taxed (except Adam).
We play guessing games and eat cold mac and cheese;
Again, our stomachs are easily pleased.
Zac tries to row the raft for a while;
He makes up for lack of ability with a smile.
The kayakers hold on the raft and float along;
We watch cows pass by, and listen to bird song.
Before we know it we’ve reached Westwater Ranger Station;
A few of us run into the river to wash with cold elation.
A nice old man gives us a full chicken and stew.
In exchange we give him cigarettes and a brew.
He says we’ve helped him complete two items on his bucket list;
Including finding a mermaid he couldn’t resist.
Then at the picnic table we all take a seat;
The burritos are ready- it’s time to eat.
We all laugh as Miguel eats with his spoon;
It’s quite ineffective- he looks like a buffoon.

In the night a strange gobbling sound is heard,
And we are suddenly attacked by large birds.

March 22nd
Westwater Ranger Station to beachy campsite

We wake up this morning nice and warm;
The sky is blue and free of storms.
The ranger gives us our permit and we get going;
Just paddling where the river is flowing.
We pass by open fields and yell “hey cow!”
Then it’s into the canyon- the fun starts now.
Beautiful black rocks rise on either side;
As we talk, laugh, paddle and glide.
We paddle through a series of fun wave trains;
Above us white contrails are made by planes.

Before we know it, we’re at the campsite;
There’s still lots of time to play before night.
We scope out a stream near camp, eat lunch and play cards;
Then we hike to the waterfall avoiding pricklies and rock shards.
Everyone except Alex and Adam jumps in;
Then there’s a pull-up competition which nobody wins (especially not Zac).
We try to slide down some natural water slides,
But they all tuyrn out to be bumpy rides.
As the sun goes down we head back to camp;
Then we talk and play cards, all still slightly damp.
Anomia is a hilarious game;
Ethan’s gay eggplant looks slightly insane.
Let’s put on out poofies before we freeze;
Now it’s time to eat lots of cheese.

March 23rd
Beachy campsite to take-out

Today we actually got up early and got going fast;
There’s a line for the groover, and somehow I end up in last.
We punch through the eddy line- it’s swirly and winding;
As the sun rises above the canyon its light is blinding.
Just around the corner is a neat lookout cave.
Ahead are rapids with boiling waves.
The rapids come one after another furious and fast;
Alex or Miguel go in front and the raft follows in last.
I go for a few swims, getting stuck in eddy lines,
But Miguel preforms a daring rescue and everyone is fine.
I hop in the raft when Miguel and Alex get out to scout;
Scull rapid looks gnarly without a doubt.
The hole looks nasty with boils and bubbles,
But everyone makes it down without any troubles.
Just after, Adam guides us down through the ‘raft flipping’ hole;
Everyone is paddling great- we’re on a roll.
Before we know it, the rapids are done;
It was a wild ride and a whole lot of fun.

I take a turn at the oars as we paddle through the flat water;
The sun beats down, making us hotter and hotter.
Miguel and Alex do an epic seal launch off the rock;
On the raft we re-apply sun-block.
As we approach the take-out Adam takes over to steer;
All too soon it’s time to unload our gear.
While they return the raft, we sit in the shade;
On this trip so many great memories were made.
As we drive on home, we all sing along,
“Groovin’ on the river” -our new favorite song.

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