The Bowdoin Outing Club encourages students to dream, organize and lead outdoor trips. This fellowship offers the financial support to shape the most creative and adventurous outdoor visions into real opportunities. The expedition should foster a spirit of adventure and encourage personal challenges and skill development and in the end, contribute to the growth of the Bowdoin Outing Club.


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Wilson's Creek

On Friday we woke up in Blowing Rock and headed down to Wilson’s Creek. The clouds seemed to part immediately once we arrived at the put in. Finally a nice warm sunny day! We have been hearing how nice it is up North and wished our weather could be the same. Our wishes were granted and the sun beamed down on the gorge and heated the air up to 70 degrees. The water was crystal clear and we could see through to the riverbed. The run was quick and continuous and was filled with small ledges and boulder gardens- definitely the most beautiful river we have paddled. We spiced up the run with a slide down the bedrock bank into the river. On the run we met four boaters from the Ohio region and did a second run with them. At a gas station on the way to the Wilson Jane found Cheerwine, a classic southern soda beverage and was excited to add it our gourmet collection of food items. In Tennessee we had stocked up on fireworks and that evening decided to light them off at Tyson’s. David and Tyson battled with Roman Candles, the south versus the north…we think the south almost won this one. After the battle we sauntered up a mountain that overlooked Hickory and enjoyed the view of all the lights far away.

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